Friday, January 08, 2010

Prayer for the Tionglian Inaugural Game

Bro. Atoy Salazar, SJ and Ms. KC Lawenko sing Ryan Cayabyab's "Prayer of Saint Francis".

Lord and Father of us all,
as we open the Tionglian games,
we ask for your special blessing...
to make us instruments of your peace.

May this tournament build up our brotherhood
so that our unity as Filipino-Chinese community
may strengthen the nation.
In fair and honest play, help us to imbibe
the values of discipline, excellence and teamwork
so that we may become better citizens
and active participants in nation building.

May the energy and excitement of these gatherings
enliven and inspire our teams and our school communities;
may it teach us to aim high and to work hard,
to pray with trust and to persevere with courage,
to face all challenges with hope
and to rejoice at every victory;
surpassing the limitations we sometimes impose on ourselves
in order to achieve—and even raise—our goals and dreams
not only for ourselves and for our schools
but for our country and yours.

May your Spirit be the soul of our game
the fire of our passion
and the bond of our unity
today, throughout this tournament,
and through the rest of our lives. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Joseph for the Financial Stability of the Seminary

Dear Saint Joseph,

whom God himself appointed

as Head and provider of his earthly family,

we beg for your intercession

that being the patron of this seminary,

you may also be our chief benefactor

in all spiritual as well as material needs.

Obtain for us from God

a steady flow of priestly vocations

and adequate means to nurture them.

As a diligent provider and wise administrator,

you sheltered and raised Jesus

in a simple but stable home,

pray for us always so that our seminary may be sustained

in her financial and material needs

by the goodness and generosity of its benefactors

and the prudent care of its administrators,

who likewise shelter and raise Christ’s ministers today.

Help seminarians as well

to use the resources of the seminary,

wisely, responsibly and gratefully.

Heeding the voice of the Scriptures, which tells us


we turn to your in our need.

Listen to this prayer we raise to your with trust

and graciously commend it to Christ, our Lord. Amen.