Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In Memoriam: Fr. Eddie Hontiveros

January 15, 2008 marks a day of great loss and bereavement for the Philippine Church with the passing away of Fr. Eduardo "Eddie" Hontiveros, SJ--arguably but widely hailed as the Father of Modern Liturgical Music in the Philippines.

Fr. Eddie was one of those who first picked up the challenge of the Council's liturgical reform to provide inculturated music that will foster the full, conscious and active participation of the faithful in the liturgy. With this principle in mind, he has left us with a wide repertoire of liturgical songs that have become, not only popular choices for most celebrations but also deeply endeared to many of our communities: songs that are not only beautiful and easy to sing but songs which also capture, both in letter and in melody, the prayer of the Filipino Church.

Therefore, it is with gratitude greater than our great loss that we remember such a great pillar of the local liturgical movement--a true pastor like Christ our High Priest, who carried the prayers of the people in his heart and raised them up to God in joyful song.