Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Xavier Mass 2007

Xavier School made me part of the Organizing Committee for the Institutional Celebration of the Solemnity of our dear school patron, Saint Francis Xavier, and assigned me to prepare the liturgical text for the celebration. It was a welcome return to liturgical work and a brief respite (although it was rather hectic as I was only given less than 24 hours to prepare the text) from the academic work I have become fully immersed in for the past months.

I included in the pre-notes how the Scriptural and euchological texts were chosen, put together, and prepared. The relic of Francis Xavier will be venerated during the Mass according to the traditional Chinese mode of ancestor veneration. I originally placed this after the Prayer after Communion but our Committee Chairman asked me to move it to become part of the Introductory Rites.

The first version is the full version with the inaudible prayers of the priest included.

Xavier Mass 2007: Full Version

The final version does not anymore contain the inaudible prayers of the priest. (to save on paper and ink probably)

Xavier Mass 2007: Final Version