Friday, April 25, 2008

Easter Vigil Psalm Responses

Studying the Easter Vigil responses can be quite a rush every year soi having them available for review all year round with an online MIDI file to listen to while rehearsing should be a great help. Here it is:

Easter Vigil Psalm Responses
Page 1

Easter Vigil Psalm Responses
Page 2

San Jose Aming Huwaran

This simple but beautiful hymn "Joseph, Be Our Guide and Pattern" to our patron, Saint Joseph has wonderful lyrics by Muriel Newton-White! The last verse though is very American so I adapted it for use in our seminary, and for the Universal Church whose patron is verily Saint Joseph. I also made a translation for use in vernacular liturgies.

Joseph, Be Our Guide and Pattern
English Lyrics

San Jose, Aming Huwaran
(Joseph, Be Our Guide and Pattern)
Tagalog Lyrics