Saturday, March 24, 2007

For School Graduations

For School Graduations
From the Supplement to the Roman Sacramentary for the Dioceses of the Philippines
(courtesy of the Archdiocese of Manila Official Website)


Representatives of the graduating students join the entrance procession carrying diplomas, medals, and other school awards. These are placed on a side table in the sanctuary.
Blessing of the graduates


After the homily, the valedictorian addresses the priest in these or similar words:

Reverend Father, we, the graduating students, presents with joy these diplomas, medals, and other school awards for which we worked during our grade school/ high school / college years. We ask you to pray that they will always remind us of our duty to serve God and country with zeal and loyalty.

With hands extended toward the graduating students the priests prays:

God our Father, you are the fountain of knowledge and virtue. Grant that these your sons and daughters whom you filled with divine and human gifts may dedicate themselves to you and the people with unfailing generosity and love.
Grant this though Jesus Christ our Lord.

In silence the priest makes the sign of the cross on the graduation symbols and sprinkles them with holy water. The general intercession follows.


Before the priests invites the people to exchange the sign of peace, the salutatorian addresses the graduating students in these or similar words:

Fellow graduating students, though our grade school / high school / college days are now about to end,let our fellowship last through the years. As we offer each other the sign of peace, let us always be united in the love of Christ.


Before the priest blesses the people, the head of the school addresses him in these or similar words:

Reverend Father, as these students begin a new stage in life, we ask you to invoke God’s blessing upon them and upon their parents, guardian, and teachers.


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