Saturday, June 17, 2006

Prayer to Jesus Poor and Humble

This prayer was written by Blessed Charles de Foucauld while he was working as a servant of the Poor Clares in Nazareth.

Lord Jesus,
how quickly he who loves you
with his whole heart
makes himself poor and cannot bear
to be richer than his Beloved...

My God,
I do not know how it is possible
for some to see you in poverty
and themselves voluntarily to stay rich...
I cannot understand a love
without a need, a compelling need,
to imitate, to resemble,
the Beloved
and above all to share
all his pains,
all his difficulties,
and all the burdens of his life.

To be rich...
to live in comfort among my possessions
while you were so poor and in such need
and living in misery under the burden of harsh labor,
I just could not do it.

O God...
I could not love like that.

Featured Art: Icon of the "Nymphios" (Christ the Bridegroom )


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