Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Solemn Investiture of the Soutane

Rite for The Solemn Investiture of The Soutane

Presentation of the Candidates

The presider, with his miter on, sits for the beginning of the investiture ceremony.

The Seminary Rector, now presents the candidates.

Fr. Rector: Your Eminence/Excellency, N.
On behalf of the community of San Jose College Seminary,
I present to you with joy these candidates
after having carefully prepared and instructed them
and ask you to invest them to the soutane.

Bishop: May I ask those to be invested to please come forward.

Fr. Rector now calls on the candidates.

As his name is called, the candidate, together with his parents bows and says:

Candidate: Present.

And they take their designated places in the sanctuary.


Bishop: Dear brethren,
the soutane is the official garb
given by our Holy Mother Church
for those who yearn to serve and share
in the priesthood of our Lord Jesus Christ

It is a manifestation of your response
in heeding our Lord’s call to be his disciple.

Wear these holy garments
with an ever burning desire to be holy and just
as a testimony of your response to the challenge of our Lord
to be salt of the earth and light to the world.
Strive to remain always in God’s grace
And to be faithful to your vocation.

Bear in heart also the admonition of our Fathers
to be distinguished, as men of Christ and His Church
not only by your garb, but by the manner of your life.
Blessing of the Soutanes
The bishop’s miter is removed. All rise as the bishop blesses the soutanes.

The Lord be with you.

R. And also with you.

V. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

R. Now and forever.

V. Our help is in the name of the Lord.

R. Who made heaven and earth.

Loving Father,
You created us in your image and likeness.

We ask you to bless these soutanes +
and to look with favor on all who will wear them in your Name.

Help them to remain steadfast in your love
and faithful in following Your Call.
Nurture in them your gift of vocation
that guided by your Spirit
they may be formed in the likeness of Christ,
our Shepherd and Eternal High Priest
and give true and eloquent witness to you
by the testimony of their lives.

You who live and reign forever and ever.

R. Amen.

The bishop sprinkles the soutanes and the candidates and the candidates’ parents. The bishop wears his miter.

Reception of the Soutane

Each candidate kneels before the bishop together with his parents.

The parents hand over the soutane to the bishop who, turning to the seminarian, says:

N., receive the soutane and behold the sign of your response
to the Lord’s invitation to serve in His vineyard.
Keep your heart pure
your being open to the Spirit.
and place yourself always in the service of God and your brethren

The seminarian receives his soutane and is led to the sacristy where they will vest with the help of their senior co-seminarians. Meanwhile their parents take their seats. A fitting song is sung.


Here in the presence of the Lord, here in his holy place,
Giving him thanks for all he has done, quietly seeking his face.
So may times we’ve seen his hand, guiding each step of the way
God put us here to make a stand and serve him everyday.

Ref. We will serve Him for the rest of our days.
We will serve Him with the highest of praise.
We’ll be his witness not matter what the cost.
We’ll be his beacons, the light to the lost.
We will serve the Lord for the rest of our days.

He is the light at the break of the dawn. He is the one true way.
He is our strength when our hope is gone. He shepherds us when we stray.
God gave to us his only Son, the selfless sacrifice.
How can we pay for all that he’s done when Jesus paid the price? (Ref.)

After vesting, the seminarians return to the assembly, holding lighted candles, and they resume their places before the bishop.

Let these candles remind you always
to keep the flame of God’s love ever burning in your hearts
to consume yourself at the service of God’s people
and to shine always with God’s light as living witnesses
of His goodness and mercy to all.

Let us now greet our brothers with a warm round of applause.

The celebration continues as usual with Creed and/or Intercessions.


At 10:05 PM , Anonymous jobar said...

kuya leo! i was about to search for the rite. fortunately, it was directed to this site! hahaha

At 1:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ask lang if where is the appropriate place of investiture: Cathedral or Seminary?

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At 9:07 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

What is the role of the parents who follows the candidates as he response to the cardinal's call


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