Saturday, May 27, 2006

Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper

<bgsound src="" loop="infinite">INTRODUCTION TO THE CELEBRATION

The Presider introduces the celebration in these or similar words.

Dear brothers and sisters, with this evening’s liturgy, we enter into the Paschal Triduum,
to celebrate the passion, death and rising to new life
of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

This is the holy supper of the Lord,
in which he stooped to wash the feet of his disciples.

In the broken bread and wine outpoured,
he left in the Eucharist,
the memorial of the sacrifice
that he was to offer on the Cross.

By this he shows us
what we are to do in his memory.
He gives us a new commandment
to love and serve one another
so that we may have life, and life to the full.

Reliving the words and gestures of the Lord Jesus,
we want to take part in his thoughts, in his feelings,
in his love that brought us salvation.

Let us therefore prepare ourselves to celebrate
the great mystery of the Lord’s self-giving love
by humbly acknowledging our need for his redemption.

A pause for silent reflection follows.


The Kyrie is said or sung.

Jesus, Lord and Master,
you became lowly and dwelt among us as a servant.
Lord, have mercy.

R. Lord, have mercy.

Jesus, Priest of the Most High God,
you offered your life in sacrifice.
Christ, have mercy.

R. Christ, have mercy.

Jesus, sent by the Father,
you showed your love until the end.
Lord, have mercy.

R. Lord, have mercy.

The Presider says the absolution:

May almighty God have mercy on us,
forgive us our sins, and bring us to everlasting life.

R. Amen.


The persons who have been chosen are led by the ministers to chairs prepared in a suitable place, unless they have already assumed their designated places at the beginning of the Mass.

The Presider introduces the rite in these or similar words.

This is the night in which the Lord
gave us a new commandment
to love one another as he himself loved us.

Let us pray for one another
as we relive this gesture of the Lord Jesus,
which he gave to us
as an example of humble service.
May we be able to follow his command
to do for one another
as he has done for us.

The Presider removes his chasuble and receives a towel which he may wrap around his waist. With the help of the ministers he pours water on each one’s feet and dries them.

Tim Ofrasio, SJ – Eddie Hontiveros, SJ

Ang atas ko sa inyo, mga kaibigan ko,
ay magmahalan kayo tulad ng pagmamahal ko sa inyo.
May hihigit pa kayang dakila sa pag-ibig na laang
ialay ang buhay alang-alang sa kaibigan?
Kayo nga’y kaibigan ko kung matutupad ninyo
ang iniaatas ko.


Kayo’y di na alipin, kundi kaibigan ko.
Lahat ng mula sa Ama’y nalahad ko na sa inyo.
Kayo’y hinirang ko, ‘di ako ang hinirang n’yo.
Loob kong humayo kayo at magbunga ng ibayo.

Ito nga ang siyang utos ko, na bilin ko sa inyo:
Magmahalan kayo!
Magmahalan kayo!

Charlie Cenzon, SJ

Ang sinumang sa aki’y mananahan, mananahan din ako sa kanya
at kung siya’y mamunga nang masagana,
siya’y sa Ama ‘y nagbigay ng karangalan.

Mula ngayon kayo’y aking kaibigan
Hinango sa dilim at kababaan.
Ang kaibiga’y mag-aalay ng sarili niyang buhay,
walang hihigit sa yaring pag-aalay.

Kung paanong mahal ako ng aking Ama, sa inyo’y aking ipinadarama
sa pag-ibig ko kayo sana ay manahan at bilin ko na kayo ay magmahalan.

Pinili ka’t hinirang upang mahalin, nang mamunga’t bunga mo’y panatilihin.
Humayo ka’t mamunga ng masagana. Kagalakang walang hanggan ipamamana.

Eduardo Hontiveros, SJ

Hesus na aking kapatid, sa lupa nami’y bumalik
iyong mukha’y ibang-iba, hindi kita nakikilala.

Tulutan mong aking mata, mamulat sa katotohanan,
ikaw Poon makikilala sa taong mapagkumbaba.

Hesus na aking kapatid, putikin man ang ‘yong sapin,
punit-punit ang ‘yong damit, nawa’y mapasa-akin.

Hesus na aking kapatid, sa bukid ka nagtatanim,
o sa palengke rin naman, ikaw ay naghahanap-buhay.

After the Washing of the Feet, the Presider puts aside the towel and puts on the chasuble. The celebration continues with the Prayers of the Faithful.



At this hour, Jesus prayed for his disciples
and for those who believe in him in every age.
Let us lift our prayers with confidence,
knowing that he will obtain for us from the Father
all that we ask in his Name:

R. Father, give glory to your Son.

1. For the holy Church, living in the world,
that she may not give in to the persecution of the world,
but remain faithful to Christ, the faithful servant of God.
May she always testify to her Lord in the Spirit of Truth
guided by the same Advocate who reveals Jesus,
the Way, the Truth and the Life who leads us to the Father.

Let us pray to the Lord.

R. Father, give glory to your Son.

2. For our bishop, Honesto, and all priests,
that they may always belong to Christ
and not be lured by the passing glories of the world.
May they be conformed to Christ,
our High Priest who makes intercession for us,
and preserve the flock the Lord entrusted to their care
by enduring the hardships and difficulties of their ministry
in fidelity to Christ and to their mission.

Let us pray to the Lord.

R. Father, give glory to your Son.

3. For all those preparing for baptism,
that they may be consecrated in truth and sent into the world
as witnesses to Christ and to the fullness of life he shares with the Father.
May they come to share in the glory that Jesus gives to all believers
and in the fellowship in which he gathers all who remain in him.

Let us pray to the Lord.

R. Father, give glory to your Son.

4. For the unity of all who believe in the Lord Jesus,
that the world may recognize in their fellowship
the One Vine who is Christ
and the Communion of the Father and the Son in the Spirit.
By the witness of all believers, may all people come to believe in Christ
whom the Father sent for the salvation of all humanity.

Let us pray to the Lord.

R. Father, give glory to your Son.

5. For all of us now gathered around the table of the Lord,
that we may learn to love and serve one another
as the Lord himself teaches us.
Remaining as branches in the Vine,
may we always bear in abundance the fruits of charity
to give glory to the Father
and so come to share in the fullness of joy.

Let us pray to the Lord.

R. Father, give glory to your Son.


give glory to your Son,
as we glorify your Name in union with him.

Gather your people in unity
and give us always the consolation of the Spirit
so that living in your fellowship of love
we may come to partake in your fullness of life.

We ask this in the name of Jesus the Lord.

R. Amen.