Monday, January 08, 2007

Kay Hesus, Aba at Dukha

Here is a translation I just made of one of my most beloved prayers: To Jesus, Poor and Humble by Blessed Charles de Foucauld. As we end this season of Christmas today with the feast of the Lord's Baptism, let us learn to imitate the solidarity of Jesus, who became poor so that we may become truly rich.

Tomorrow is also the feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, known as the Black Nazarene, venerated for four centuries now in the church of Quiapo, Manila. May this feast teach us to share in the burden of Christ by uplifting the burdens of one another, especially of the poor and suffering among us:

Kay Hesus, Aba at Dukha

Panginoong Hesus,
ang umiibig sa iyo nang buong-puso,
ay nagmamadaling maging dukha
at hindi kaya ang mabuhay
nang mas mariwasa
kaysa kanyang Iniibig.

Panginoong ko,
hindi ko mawari kung paanong
kayang tiisin ng iba
ang makita kang naghihirap
at sila naman ay manatiling mayaman.
Hindi ko mawari ang isang pag-ibig
na walang nararanasang udyok,
nagbabagang udyok,
na tularan at parisan ang Minamahal
at higit sa lahat
na makisalo sa kanyang hirap,
sa kanyang sakit,
sa lahat ng kanyang pasanin sa buhay.

Ang maging mayaman,
ang mabuhay nang tinatamasa ang lahat ng rangya
habang ikaw ay naghihikahos,
salat sa lahat ng bagay,
at hindi makagulapay sa bigat ng iyong pinapasan,
hindi ko maaatim ito.

O Diyos ko!
Hindi ko kaya ang magmahal nang ganito.

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