Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Handog ng Misa

Jesuit Communications Foundation, in partnership with Kalakbay-Buhay Catechists' Foundation of the Philippines, recently produced a catechetical video presenting the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and its different parts entitled, Handog ng Misa: Isang Pag-unawa sa Eukaristiya (Gift of the Mass: Understanding the Eucharist) . The short explanations are done by the brilliant, eloquent and talented bishop Chito Tagle of Imus, Cavite while the program, which runs for a total of 22 minutes, is hosted by Ms. Love AƱover.

Overall, it was a brief but substantial presentation that would prove very useful especially for grade school or even high school students. The explanations were simple, beautiful and easy to understand--a great aid indeed for achieving the intelligent, conscious and active participation in the liturgy envisioned by the Second Vatican Council.

I have seen it only once and so far I only have one correction to offer. The song "Tinapay ng Buhay" by Fr. Manoling Francisco, SJ, judging even by the lyrics alone, is obviously a Communion song and not a song for the Preparation of the Gifts. It would be good to replace that with another, more appropriate hymn in subsequent versions they are going to produce in the future.

I highly recommend this material for basic liturgical catechesis.

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