Monday, July 17, 2006

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

In this difficult time when violence and hatred intensifies anew in the Middle East, let us join all humanity in prayer that this part of the world from which came Christ, our Peace, may see the end of armed conflict and find true and lasting reconciliation.

Psalm 122
Royal City, Holy City,
City of Rulers and Prophets.
Jerusalem: God's City, God's House, God's Joy.

With joy I heard them say,
"Let us go to the Lord's house!"
And now, Jerusalem,
we stand inside your gates.
Jerusalem, the city so built
that city and temple are one.
To you the tribes go up,
every tribe of the Lord.
It is the law of Israel
to honor God's name.
The seats of law are here,
the thrones of David's line.
Pray peace for Jerusalem:
happiness for your homes,
safety inside your walls,
peace in your great houses.
For love of family and friends
I say, "Peace be with you!"
For love of the Lord's own house
I pray for your good.

(From the English translation of The Liturgical Psalter
International Committee on English in the Liturgy, Inc., © 1994)

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