Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Prayer for Peace


Father of love,

we mourn the violence

we have smudged

on the face of your creation.

We shun the flames of hatred

which we have fanned

with our unforgiveness.

We have put on violence as our garb

and stripped ourselves of your charity.

Now we long for you,

because only your love can heal us

and bring us together again.

Send us your Spirit of Peace.

Let his gentle wind blow

from every corner of the earth

and call your children together

from all the nations

in harmony and understanding.

Let his love burn within us

so we may become light for the world

engulfed in our own darkness.

Give us the courage

to work for a just society

for only justice can bring true peace.

Give us the generosity

to listen to each other in love

for only love can bring forgiveness.

Give us the faith

to believe in your plan

of peace for the world

for you are our only hope.

May our own homes and communities

become oases of peace

in a world torn by strife and discord.

May our hearts reflect

the beauty of your kingdom

where there is no more hatred but only love.

We make our prayer

through Jesus Christ,

your Son, our Lord. Amen.

Mary, Queen of Peace,

pray for us!


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