Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Saint Cecilia

Today is the memorial of the virgin and martyr Cecilia, our beloved patroness of music. Since our Wednesday common prayer in the morning is supposed to be a Marian devotion, I have written a special Marian prayer for our use today.

Marian Prayer
Memorial of Saint Cecilia, virgin and martyr,
Patroness of Music

Leo reads:

Good morning brothers!
Today is the memorial of Saint Cecilia,
the Patroness of Music.
Therefore, our Marian prayer for this morning
will be short but special, something musical.
Let us now dispose ourselves
as we listen to the Opening Hymn.

(Hangad Album Track 11: Aba Ginoong Maria)

Justin reads:

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

at the Annunciation,
the angel sang to you
the most wonderful song ever heard from God.
Jesus, our long-awaited Savior,
is now to be born for us,
and is going to dwell, God among us,
in your most pure womb.

You, in turn,
sang the most wonderful song
ever heard from all humanity.
You gave your yes to God with all your heart.

With this truly glorious blending of two voices,
the most beautiful song of our redemption begins to be heard.

Help us to join our voices with God’s own voice
so that through us also,
this great song of redemption
may be heard anew in our world today.

(Hangad Album Track 18: Hangad)

Leo reads:
As we finally end our special Marian prayer,
let us make our own Mary’s song
of praise for God’s merciful intervention in her life.
In silence, let us allow her hymn of thanksgiving
to rise also from our own hearts
in response to God’s eternal serenade of love.

(Stand By Me Still Album Track 14: Magnificat)

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