Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Chosen Daughter of Israel

It's been some time since I last posted here on my liturgy blog while my Scriptures class blog, Online Old Testament is very active on the other hand. Lately, I have been heavily preoccupied with my teaching. But now, after submitting the boys' grades for the First Quarter, I had the welcome respite of being ased to prepare the liturgy for the High1 Batch Mass.

Here then is the liturgy for our Batch Mass on September 7. Since it is the eve of the celebration of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and we are studying the Old Testament this year, we will be using the Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Chosen Daughter of Israel.

The euchological and scriptural texts have all been taken from the Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

There are two Scriptural readings: the Old Testament Reading is from Genesis 12 (which we are discussing in class at about this time) and the Gospel Reading is from Luke 1. Both share the common theme of faith as a response to God's call, which is also echoed in the euchological texts especially in the Collect and the particular Preface: Our Lady is Daughter of Adam, Child of Abraham, Branch of Jesse.

We are also using the Special Eucharistic Prayer first used during the Swiss Synod and which has been approved for use during Masses for Special Occasions. I first thought of using Eucharistic Prayer IV since it details the history of salvation but decided in favor of the shorter but nonetheless very rich Swiss Synod anaphora.

There are two versions of the text: the original one with the copy heavily illuminated with beautiful woodcuts, the frontispiece and full page illustrations by no less than Albrecht Durer. We have to cut costs as much as we can in the school however so the full-page illustrations had to go in the revised version. The floral offering was also transferred from its former place during the Prayers of the Faithful to a distinct veneration rite after the Prayer After Communion.

Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Chosen Daughter of Israel (Original Version)

Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Chosen Daughter of Israel (Revised Version)


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